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    Monday, December 29, 2008

    my fren,shafizil....

    jus now,i was chatting with shafizil...i was chatting about my bestest fren,rasyiqah...i said that

    me:rasyiqah mrh kiter pasal kiter tk gi faekah nye bdae party

    shafizil:oh....yang si gemuk 2 eh??

    me:huh??wat did u say??gemuk??KURANGHAJAR sey!!

    shafizil:lolz me:(huh?why did he laugh)

    me:itu bestfren kiter....and she is not gemuk...nanti kiter bilang dier

    shafizil:lagi pun dier tk kenal dier...

    me:dier prefect so dier kenal semuer org in czps


    me:kalau da besar dier kudut abe shafizil gemuk,mcm gajah kiter
    suruh rasyiqah ckpp ngan shafizil gemuk mcm gajah...nk??

    shafizil:Let's see...


    i was soo angry that i said for the first tyme
    "Kurang hajar nk mampus!!!"
    arh!!!! i said to him that i block him in msn FOREVER!!

    But now he said that it was the wrng people that he was thinking about

    12/29/2008 03:42:00 AM

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008


    when i reached to Changi Airport,before that i go Tampines Mall bacause she said she want to buy for her frenz their Chrismas Present...but we went to Tampines Mall but she never buy anything there only Fmous Amous.....waste tyme gin there...i hate Shopping.

    Lets Continue...When i reached at the Airport,I said to my mother that we are goin to Swensens...But she thought we are goin to the Airport for eating at Swensens only...

    But we want to go and see sleeq bcause they come back from Kuantan. I saw Sleeqaholics were sitting near the Arrival hall....after that the "sleeqaholics"asked us(my sis n me),"Are u sleeqaholics too?"i said yupp...so she take photo with us...when we saw syarif and his manager, Jihan Jauhar,waving at his fans...we were soo happy...when they go out,syarif wave at us....

    After that my mother said to syarif that "i should thank you u bcause u make them(me n my sis) .....they go Normal achad.....if they fail their psle,they wont see u gain...bcause i said that they wont go to sleeq's performance AGAIN..."syarif said"ohh no..." hahahah....

    we took picture with syarif only bcause alyph go holiday at Genting with his family...

    12/23/2008 10:32:00 AM

    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Yesterday i went out with my family,my head was so dizzy...i got fever that but i told my mother but she dun believe me...when my family and i went to Bugis,me and my sis even my father stay in the car,cuz we dun like to go shopping...i hate it...me n my sis sleep in the car but my father watch dvd(diaster movie)....but he sleeps too...my brother and mother go shopping...
    they went shopping like 3 hrs...or 2 hrs.after they went shopping,we went to Newton,it was raining...we went there while me n my sis,syuhaimah hear our mp4 cuz we want to hear radio...got ria chartzz....i cant believe that "impianku" is in #1 on Ria Chartz... i got a very bad headache.. i eat a little of food...after we want to go back...i hear impianku at the radio..i was so happy...Aura Shai said she cant believe that impianku is top 16 but now...go up 2 #1!!!
    we ran to our car and hear it...when we were home...i must eat 2 pills...i eat i think 20 minutes...

    Congratz to didi cazli and sleeq,that impianku is in Ria Chartz...#1..wooo!!

    12/15/2008 06:19:00 PM

    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    At last"impianku"is in Ria Chartz

    2morrow i must hear 89.7FM....at 11am

    12/13/2008 05:38:00 PM

    Saturday, December 06, 2008

    To sleeq:
    So sorry,that me and my sisters can't go to ur performance because nobody wants to go with us...we must go with an adult...no one at home...
    syarif wrote at my sis,irah's blog,and he wrote"hi there.thanx for supporting yeah.do come down for our performance.cya soon. "... we already promise ourselves that we will go...but jus now, we ask everyone to follow us there even my frenzz i think...but all can they say was "CAN'T"...we are so sorry!!
    i hope their performance is fantastic... i'm so regret...that me n my sisters nvr go!!!
    ok...gtg n pack our bag cuz we will go to Kuala Lumpur... We will mizz "THEM".....(Sleeq)
    we nvr even go to their performance...and buy the "I LUV SLEEQ"tee...i already ordered...
    ok gtg!!!!

    12/06/2008 12:18:00 AM

    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    yesterday night my sis,syuhaimah saw her blog...but she go there for fun,i think...
    she was so shocked that syarif write in her tag board....i was shocked too...
    i wish syarif will tag me and imah...
    he said again,"triplets so cute"<--- important phrase...
    she keep thinking about that...i mean syarif...i think...


    jus now when i came from sch to collect my psle certificate,we wanted to go back...
    but my sis and mu causin said that they want to buy present for my causin...
    i and my sis,imah said we are soo tired!!! when we went home, my causin,arina and my sis irah
    said that they wanted to go simei and buy it...then i said ok... when i reached home,
    i looked at the newspaper,i shouted"sleeq!!!" i was sooo shocked...me and imah is such a BIG FAN of sleeq!!! my mother and father alwaes blame sleeq or aliff aziz about our results...
    if got lower marks,they said that when we sing sleeq's song or aliff aziz(my sister is a such a big fan),they will say that we can remember all the lyrics in their songs but study??
    i said to myself always blame sleeq and aliff aziz...i hate it when people say the same thing that my parent say....

    when rentak singapura,we all say to ourself,we cant believe that we were takin pic with them...
    its sooo fun and gd!!!


    12/04/2008 09:25:00 AM

    Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    ^^^^^^that pic is my file...full of sleeq's picture...
    we even scan the autograph in their album and we print it...so we can put it at our file....
    my sister,syuhaimah and me collect sleeq's picture in one file...

    12/03/2008 11:38:00 AM