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Photobucket I'm a girl who ONLY love myself and my family.
Oh yes, I love SleeQ and Justin Bieber too, :D

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    Monday, February 23, 2009


    how to get Pesta Perdana Tickets!!!!!????
    i want it cause i want to see sleeq....

    i heard that we can answer the question on suria and we can win it.....

    my sister,ima,went and try it...

    and we are waiting for the result....hahaha

    2/23/2009 09:21:00 PM

    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    Nenek Ku Superspy music Video!!

    at youtube....

    let me show the pic that i was pausing at....

    2/21/2009 01:32:00 PM

    im so bored now!!!just now i want to go jogging with my father
    and my sis buti put my alarm clock at 6am...but im soo tired!!!
    i really want to go jogging at bedok....i want to loose weight....
    but nvr mind la....2morrow also can....
    yesterday my sister found sleeq's new music video and it is soo COOL...
    my brother also like it....the video is called Nenek Ku Superspy!!
    argh!!!so cool...the music is really nice!!SERIOUSLY!!
    u guys should listen it....
    sorry if my blog is all about sleeq....hehehee....
    that's why im a sleeqaholic....and i am proud of it..haha
    sorry if i cant go to sleeq's event....cause no one want to go with my sis n me...
    i dun noe wat to talk about...
    about me??
    nvr mind la....i gonna hear Laguku at Ria....
    ok byee....keep supporting sleeq!!SLEEQAHOLICS!!!

    2/21/2009 01:15:00 PM

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    im sooo tired!!
    my sister n i are very tired!!i got Flu,cough,fever and of course headache!!
    i hate to be sick...i cant go to sch on monday i think bcause of this!!
    on monday i got english...i must pass up my homework if not my marks will be minus...but i want my sis to go to sch,cause i can give them my homwork,and she will give to my eng teacher...
    but how,my sis also sick!!!1 sick,all sick...arghh!!!!
    HELP ME!!

    anyway,i would like to say happy valentine's Day to ....
    -my brother,abg faliq..heeheh
    -kak Selynna,my bro's gurlfren
    -my parents
    -my sis,ima n ira
    -my frens
    -all SleeQaholics
    -my causin

    2/14/2009 11:02:00 PM

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    04 Cun Saja SLEEQ -2 4 <-------OMG!!! (From Ria Chartz..)

    Pls SleeQaholics,pls make .....

    Cun Saja be #1...!!
    okkk...that's all i want to say!
    IM SO BORED!!!
    That's tyme(Sunday,9pm),my sis,me and my brother watched Nenek ku Superspy....
    it was fantastic and funnty too!!
    alyph line is:"Let's play!"
    syarif line is:"So cute/you are so cute!
    i laugh like monkey!!hahahha
    but i think syarif and alyph can be a actor and a singer....hahahaha
    Remember to support sleeq alwaes and Make Cun Saja be #1!!

    2/10/2009 08:33:00 PM

    Friday, February 06, 2009

    i am soo regretful because i choose choir as my first choice...i thought its goin to be fun but now...dun noe la...cause i must audition...and i must memorise 3 songs...1 english n 2 other language...i must memorise till next tuesday...so complicated.The senior of the choir practice that song from last year but i pity all the junior...cuz must memorise that lyric i think 2 weeks only....argh!!!
    but audition 2 tymes...bcause first is for goin to which group and lastly was for re-audition... i go S2...that means Saprano 2.i want to go A1 cause its simple and got the senior,Irfa....she is a nice gurl...and funny....

    i wanted to go Woodland Stadim,no adult want to go with me n my sis...
    Izyan(sleeqaholic),she asked me whether i go there i said no...i hate the word no...she always asked me...hahhaa....i want to see her...i only saw her at syarif's bdae bash...anyway cant wait for Classq!!
    Dun forget to watch sleeq at suria from the series of Nenekku Supersp...
    just now i just saw the commecial....got SYARIF N ALYPH!! COOL!!:)

    2/06/2009 08:55:00 PM