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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    yey!at last Cun saja is in Ria Chart and the good thing is their song Cun saja is at #2!!!i was soo happy when i heard that at Ria 89.7 FM. i wish next week,it will be first(#1)!!

    Sleeqaholics,pls make Cun saja be the #1 in Ria Chartz!

    1/25/2009 05:51:00 PM

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    jus now i was waitting for my father to fetch us(me n my sis),then,suddenly 3 gurls from our sch, so surprised that we are triplets....i hate when they say are we triplets....then the gurls say that she want to take picture of 3 of us,they also say cool and they had nvr seen triplets before and also they say we are cute...(thanks!)i said what sia....then they take...i said to myself that we are like famous...bcause at our sch,everyday i think 5 people go and ask us that are we triplets...
    but i am thankful that we are triplets....
    i show some example what were the gurlz doing that tyme....

    1/23/2009 03:08:00 PM

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    yeh!!at last Cun Saja is on Ria Chartz...i wish next week is #1!!!like impianku....
    But now,impianku is #2...but nvr mind!.....

    wish that cun saja will be #1...!!cant wait for their album to come out!!(CLASSIQ...)

    1/19/2009 07:31:00 PM

    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    My stressful days

    ok...my first day of sch was so nervous...but faris is the same class as me...so i have fren...
    when i was sitting at the,so called the "parade Square"...in the morning,the principal or teacher spoke to the sch about first day of sch,blah blah...watever...i jus listen to it...but the sch is very weird...the students there was like naughty people...i miss my primary school days....
    when i enter to my class,1E,my form teacher,Mr Ibrahim and my co-Form teacher,Mr Kathi introduced to the class....it was so bored...my class was so silent that nobody is talkin... I wanted to sit with Faris so that i can talk to him or chit-chat to him...but he sit with a chinese gurl...its recess tyme,my sister was in the same class as each other..From 1F... It was so crowded that i could not find Faris and my sis...but i waited like 10-15 minute,i finally saw hafizah n my sis...FYI,i nvr make new frenz in sch yet...get back,i ran to them...after the recess bell ring at 10.30am,they must go to the class to assemble...but i was so lonely after that...i dun noe where is the hall...it was so crowded with boys like MAT!!...MINAH 2 was there...but i follow all the upper sec student..Finally i can see the hall....SKIP SKIP....Before we went back,some teachers had a briefing with us about CCA....And i dun noe who is the teacher,but half way the teacher was talkin,upper sec students suddenly laugh...we all like blur...nvr mind...now i know bcause of the teacher his voice crack a little....but nvr mind....i said to Faris that u eat jus now?
    he said no bcause he was shy...i said me 2....after that faris went back with me n my father of course my sis....After that i told my father that me n faris n my sis did'nt eat when recess....
    my father tell faris to eat at our house...so he eated....

    my worst day of sch...!!!

    1/04/2009 07:12:00 PM