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    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    yesterday night my sis,syuhaimah saw her blog...but she go there for fun,i think...
    she was so shocked that syarif write in her tag board....i was shocked too...
    i wish syarif will tag me and imah...
    he said again,"triplets so cute"<--- important phrase...
    she keep thinking about that...i mean syarif...i think...


    jus now when i came from sch to collect my psle certificate,we wanted to go back...
    but my sis and mu causin said that they want to buy present for my causin...
    i and my sis,imah said we are soo tired!!! when we went home, my causin,arina and my sis irah
    said that they wanted to go simei and buy it...then i said ok... when i reached home,
    i looked at the newspaper,i shouted"sleeq!!!" i was sooo shocked...me and imah is such a BIG FAN of sleeq!!! my mother and father alwaes blame sleeq or aliff aziz about our results...
    if got lower marks,they said that when we sing sleeq's song or aliff aziz(my sister is a such a big fan),they will say that we can remember all the lyrics in their songs but study??
    i said to myself always blame sleeq and aliff aziz...i hate it when people say the same thing that my parent say....

    when rentak singapura,we all say to ourself,we cant believe that we were takin pic with them...
    its sooo fun and gd!!!


    12/04/2008 09:25:00 AM