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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008


    when i reached to Changi Airport,before that i go Tampines Mall bacause she said she want to buy for her frenz their Chrismas Present...but we went to Tampines Mall but she never buy anything there only Fmous Amous.....waste tyme gin there...i hate Shopping.

    Lets Continue...When i reached at the Airport,I said to my mother that we are goin to Swensens...But she thought we are goin to the Airport for eating at Swensens only...

    But we want to go and see sleeq bcause they come back from Kuantan. I saw Sleeqaholics were sitting near the Arrival hall....after that the "sleeqaholics"asked us(my sis n me),"Are u sleeqaholics too?"i said yupp...so she take photo with us...when we saw syarif and his manager, Jihan Jauhar,waving at his fans...we were soo happy...when they go out,syarif wave at us....

    After that my mother said to syarif that "i should thank you u bcause u make them(me n my sis) .....they go Normal achad.....if they fail their psle,they wont see u gain...bcause i said that they wont go to sleeq's performance AGAIN..."syarif said"ohh no..." hahahah....

    we took picture with syarif only bcause alyph go holiday at Genting with his family...

    12/23/2008 10:32:00 AM