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    Friday, March 27, 2009

    yesterday was my favourite day....because all my subject teachers was soo kind...today no teacher scolded us bcause of not bringing their text books or something...but they of couse scold people that are noisy la..
    My favourite teacher.....
    (Top 5)
    5th-Ms Ong(geog teacher)
    4th-Mr Ho(music teacher)
    3rd-Ms Adlin(sci teacher)
    2nd-Mr Ibrahim(lit/CME/form teacher)
    1st-Cikgu Rushdi(malay teacher)

    But i think my malay teacher is a new teacher from NIE....i got so many new teachers...Cikgu Som was my maly teacher but he did'nt teach my class bcause Cikgu Rushdi will teach us....i think its until end of Term 2....i like Cikgu Som but I even like Cikgu Rushdi....when Cikgu Som teached us(my class),my class was soo noisy like zoo....but now Cikgu Rushdi comes,my class all were very good not about his fierce... His really is not a fierce teacher...but when he scold,he talk to the class....i wish Cikgu Rushdi will teach our class/me malay again...hope he pass....
    i miss SleeQ....
    i want to meet them again....
    im going to see David Archuleta on i think 7 April...
    i am soo excited....i love david's song its called My hand....
    u should listen!!

    3/27/2009 06:36:00 PM