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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    yesterday sleeq update their blog,but the manager of sleeq update for them...
    i saw that when
    Date: 9th May 2009
    Time: 730pm
    Venue: Esplanade Theatre Hall

    they will be performing there,but i got mid year exam, so i cant go there...
    all the sleeqaholics will get 10% discount,i dont know why but its cool...
    we just say that we are the sleeqaholics but i cant go
    ....when i ask my father just now that i want to go there, my father said 'no"!
    nvr mind la!!after mid year exam,i will go the next performance/event!!
    im soo regret if i nvr go there..but nvr mind im still supporting sleeq no matter what!!
    i cant wait when 16 May!sleeQ album will be coming out soon!!yey!!

    JUst now i was very sad when i heard my frens talkin bout me!
    they say that i nvr do my geog project....but i still got a valid reason,
    it is that i was absent that tyme.... but i still help them to plan what to do!
    im soo dissapointed about them!!!
    i nvr had a fren like that in my life!!(no offence)

    i Wish I can meet sleeQ AGAIN!!
    Miss them soo much!!hahaha


    4/22/2009 03:37:00 PM