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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    i've already got my report book!!
    Today in school,i was so confuse... my sister's teacher,Mdm Yeo
    went to see my parents...
    She was like scolding and talkin so loudly at my sisters!
    like was talking like people cant hear her!
    She said that me n my sis always come to sch late!
    i have late once only....
    She did'nt saw me n my sister went to the parade square!Even Worse!
    Just now i was receiving my report book,
    My Form teacher,Mr Ibrahim...(My sis n me is in a different class)
    I wonder why he did not see my parents....
    i think my marks that i fail all got 45 and above...
    because i heard him that he said to was i am ok...
    but my attendence is very poor!
    But i fail 2 subject!
    Literature and mathematics!
    How can i fail them!Careless!

    My marks in the report book....

    Science CE-56.4/100*
    Home Economics-64./100*

    * - pass

    i will work hard to get 60+!
    i was quite nervous when i got my result...
    my Class Position:23/38 :(
    i must get 15/38
    Like my sister!

    i think i will go to SleeQ's event on 5th June with my brother
    or my frens....
    because now im so busy....
    i got Ndp Practice every Saturday!
    So tired!
    I cant wait for ClassiQ and My bdae....
    5th June-ClassiQ
    15th June-me and my sis bdae

    5/27/2009 05:42:00 PM