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i'm your soul.

Photobucket I'm a girl who ONLY love myself and my family.
Oh yes, I love SleeQ and Justin Bieber too, :D

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I want to be a sucessful person!
I wanna meet Justin Bieber!
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    Sunday, June 07, 2009

    I wanted to go Far East Plaza.
    So on 5th june,i went there with my sisters,my brother and kak selynna(abg's gurlfren)
    Thank you kak selynna ang abg for goin there with me n my sis...
    i went there by MRT!
    like i went to the MRT first tyme...hahaha
    but not true...usually i always go somewhere by car...
    After we got there,
    We saw a stage where sleeq will be performing.
    Then we sat down nerar KFC.We waited like 40 minutes,
    So msg kak jihan,
    shen said that 9pm SleeQ will be performing and we can
    take the cd at 9pm too.
    So we go around the mall,
    went 3rd floor that can see the stage,
    So we went up by lift and
    we saw the backstage.we saw kak jihan,kak janna and sleeq!
    we saw sleeqaholicmalaysia...
    Syarif was drinkin water then he look up,
    he saw us!he wave at us!!alif also wave at us!
    When syarif finish talkin with his fans,
    he look up again and said"turun bawah la"
    so we go down.
    we take the cd from kak jihan and took picture with SleeQ!
    My brother talk to syarif about his poly thing!
    we waited again and so we ask kak jihan we want to go back
    but she said sleeq will perform
    we waited!
    Sleeq performance was way gd!
    gd job guys!
    they sing Moviestar and aint about later
    when i reach home,go straight to my comp and hear sleeq's new song!
    me n my sis,Shouted like mad!
    i luv it!
    now im listening to sembunyi!i can cry when i hear that song!
    gd job guys!
    2morrow i must take the full cover of sleeq!
    argh!i dun noe who is goin to take with me!
    nvr mind la...
    on 5th june(night,after hearin sleeq song) i didnt sleep thoughout the night till 9am.
    because me and my sis wrote the lyric for sembunyi..crazy rite!
    My present for my bdae is album ClassiQ..
    Thank you very very much kak selynna and abang for
    buying us album ClassiQ.
    Our best present EVER!
    Thank you!
    Luv u kak selynna, abang and SleeQ!<3
    Miss u guys!

    6/07/2009 09:19:00 PM