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    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Yesterday i went to Marina Bay,I went to practice the NDP Thing....
    It was so tiring...i never felt that way before..
    My school reach there about 1.30pm,
    and i pity my teacher because he went to sch to support us,
    then when he check his temperature,he got fever
    so he never follow us...then he shouted at my class
    when we wanted to go in the bus,
    he shouted"BYE 1E!":(
    i MSG kak jihan while i heard SleeQ's Song in my MP4!when i reach there,i can't
    believe that my sch will be performing there
    altogether there are 600 students going to perform(Bedok North)
    We practice before the actual rehearsal...
    We practice about 1hr....
    Then we drink water,the water was like freshening because it was cold...
    but the cups smells!After that went it was the actual rehearsal,
    my heartbeat was so scared,but no worries,there is less audience
    Went i went to the backstage
    i saw many people at the esplanade...So when we finish perform,
    we eat chicken and potato...and they gave us Green soya bean,
    but we didn't drink it because i heard people saying"eeww!"
    After that we must perform AGAIN!We must carry a big giant paper aeroplane...
    we must run while carrying the paper aroeplane!So Tired!
    After that we go to the stage and hold that thing also and saw the fireworks,NICE!
    After that we go back to the F1 place to take our we must carry the thing there,it was so far,
    this is the picture that i took there!
    Sorry SleeQ because i cant went there to see u guys and today also...so sorry!

    6/21/2009 05:21:00 PM