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    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    On Sunday afternoon,i went Kenduri at my causin's place....
    the whether was sooo hot... im soo sweat!
    my hair was ruined!
    it was very very very hot!can't explain it!
    i stayed there until 9.30pm....
    After that i went to my mother's car and my brother went to my father's car...
    so i remembered that sleeq is performing at Tampines st 21...
    So i asked my mother to go there,
    i stay at tampines st 22....so it is near,and we straight....

    i went there,i saw 2 of the sleeqfans,mimi and her fren,
    after we watched the guys performed,we went to wait for them to eat,
    so we stay with another group of sleeqfans,
    before that 3 of the sleeqfans took picture with us...hahha
    after that we went to take picture with sleeq,
    they also talk with us,
    alyph especially
    i hate that picture!i look fat,because my baju kurung is too big for me!
    can't help it because can't change it because just came back from kenduri...
    So THX Mimi for taking the picture....
    -facebook status...
    but it was fun to go there and watched sleeq!
    can't help it!
    i dont want to upload the picture bcause it is sooo ugly???

    10/20/2009 08:57:00 PM